We believe in learning through play. Letting little people learn and discover through fun and games.  We have created each of our themed areas so little people can engage their imaginations, create exciting scenarios and unbeknown to them learn and discover as they play.

The areas at Little Land are:

Samson's Stables

Samson’s Stables

Take your horse out from the stables for a ride in the paddock and try the jumps, just remember to feed them before they go back in for a rest.

Rosas Garage

There’s a car in for a service! Fix the engine under the bonnet, fill it up with petrol, change the bolts on the tires and once that’s all done take it for a spin. Go wherever your imagination takes you!

Rosas Garage
Camp Mimi

Camp Mimi

Try camping in the forest surrounded by all the trees and animals, sit around the campfire and tell stories, but don’t fall asleep, there’s too much fun to be having.

Zac’s Building Site

We need to lay the bricks, mix the cement and get this building built!. Just don’t forget your hard hat and high-vis vest!

Zac's Building Site
Scarletts Supermarket

Scarlett’s Supermarket

What do we need for tea tonight? Don’t worry Scarlett’s Supermarket has everything . Take a shopping trolley or basket and see what’s on the shelves.

Eliza’s Theatre

Its time to get ready for the big show, get our costumes on, do our make up, and take to the stage. Just don’t forget your lines.

Elizas Theatre
Freds PIzza Place

Fred’s Pizza Place

Known all around the world for the best pizzas and you’re the new chef.  You need to cook up and serve the tastiest pizzas to our hungry customers. Just remember to wash up all the pots and pans afterwards.

Cohen’s Corner

For the under 2s we have Cohen’s Corner.

Filled with sensory play for the really little people and a smaller sized play space for the not so little who are maybe not big enough yet for the main play area . As the big people need to be closer to our littlest ones we have tabled seating and couches in this area.

Freds PIzza Place
Freds PIzza Place

Baby Area

Our baby area is designed to provide interest and stimulation for the littlest people at Little Land Play. Fibre optic sensory lights inside our tented area with mirrors and sensory toys, there is more than enough for little minds to explore and learn with



We would like to hear from you. Any questions, feedback or requests. We want to make this the best possible space and experience for everyone who visits so we really appreciate what you have to say.